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About Us

Our Story and everything about our dedicated team

Our expertise

We have decades of cumulative technical experience in chemical engineering, water treatment, desalination, metal processing and metal recovery!

We have experience in the formation of start-up companies and running businesses in the water treatment sector. Together, the Seloxium team has also developed a large network of potential customers for our technology.
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Seloxium helps mining, refining and industrial companies to achieve their ESG goals by (1) turning their wastewater into a highly profitable and sustainable source of valuable metal resources or by (2) improving the purity and hence the value of highly concentrated metal processing or mining streams. Mining valuable metals from wastewater using Selectal™,  not only combats freshwater contamination but also turns effluent treatment plants into 'resource factories'.  

Our Team

Our team has decades of cumulative technical experience in chemical engineering, water treatment, desalination, metal processing and metal recovery!

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Dr. Christian Peters 
Chris has completed his D.Phil (November 2021) at the University of Oxford in Chemical Engineering. During his D.Phil, Christian has helped improve and develop the Selectal technology in the lab and with customers. He has strong experience in water treatment and membrane technology, as well as metal recovery via innovative methods. 
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Dr. Steve v Zutphen
Steven is a chemist by training and previously built and sold a start-up (Magpie Polymers) which made resins for selective metal recovery from wastewater. He then spent two years on the business development of mining chemicals with customers and is now putting his experience and networks to use at his consulting company (ISATIS partners) for SELOXIUM and several other projects.
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Dr. Steve Colley
Steve is our CTO and a co-inventor of Selectal™. Steve is a consultant in Ion Exchange Technology and Processes and an independent manufacturer of highly selective Ion Exchange materials. After holding several senior positions in DPT, and after DPT was acquired by Johnson Matthey, Steve became Technology Director in the JM Water Technologies business.  Steve has a PhD in chemistry from the University of Durham and holds an MBA in Technology Management.
Prof. Nick Hankins
Nick is our CSO and a co-inventor of Selectal™  Nick is an experienced chemical engineer and Professor of Sustainable Water Technology at the University of Oxford. His research interests focus on methods to improve the sustainability of desalination and water treatment, including resource recovery. In his research on industrial water treatment, he developed the original Selectal™ technology that is now patented and used at Seloxium.

Our Partners

Our investors and supporters regularly vet early-stage R&D companies to identify and secure innovative opportunities.

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