August 1, 2023

Seloxium appoints mining expert Nelson Mora to its Board

Seloxium Ltd., the chemical engineering spin-out from the University of Oxford, is delighted to announce the appointment of Dr Nelson Mora to its Board. Nelson brings more than 20 years’ commercial experience in mining to Seloxium where he will help develop and commercialise its patented selective flocculation technology. In addition, Nelson has vast experience in growing a company from a university lab. to one with ‘unicorn’ status: Jetti Resources.

Nelson holds the position of Chief Technology Officer at Jetti Resources, a technology-driven natural resources company unlocking vast stranded copper resources, where he has been key in successfully taken the company and its technology from laboratory to commercial operations. Jetti’s novel catalytic technology unlocks copper extraction from resources otherwise inaccessible, making copper extraction from low grade primary sulfides economically possible. Prior to joining Jetti Resources, Nelson held positions at Orway Mineral Consultants, a global leader in mineral processing, and leadership roles spanning technology, projects and operations in leading mining conglomerates BHP, Xstrata Copper (now Glencore) and Vale.

Seloxium has focused on developing and patenting its selective flocculation technology called Selectal™ since spinning out from the University of Oxford in 2022, and enables companies to economically access metals from their waste effluents by selectively extracting valuable metals from wastewater and mine tailings. Seloxium offers a new & sustainable source for green metals that are essential to meeting our global climate goals. Mining valuable metals from wastewater using Selectal™ not only combats freshwater pollution but also turns effluent treatment plants into sustainable & profitable resource factories.

Dr Nelson Mora said: “The mining and refining industry is in great need of innovative technology to help reduce the amount of precious resources that are wasted and to improve the sustainability of critical materials sourced for the energy transition. Seloxium is doing just that with its novel technology – which not only extracts the tonnes of precious metals lost annually, but also does so in a more sustainable and robust way. Seloxium’s Oxford based scientific team is leading in its field, and I am proud to be part of the talented and inspiring team that is developing an elegant chemistry-based solution to the supply of critical and precious metals needed today. I hope to provide support to its development as a member of the Board, utilising the experience I have gained from my years working in the start-up and mining sector.”

Dr Christian Peters, CEO of Seloxium comments: “We are very excited to have Nelson Mora on the board. Nelson is well-respected and experienced in the mining sector, and I am certain he will help us accelerate our development and guide us towards commercialisation. Nelson is someone I have personally followed and been inspired by, so to now have him as part of the Seloxium team is a great achievement for both the company and myself. Seloxium is revolutionising the mining and refining sector by offering a green and low carbon alternative to sourcing the green metals that are essential to meeting our climate goals by 2050. Our mission is to clean up both the environment and wastewater and capture valuable metals with our novel technology. We are proud to have such a strong team behind us making this possible.”