SELectal is used to:

(1) selectively extract valuable metals
from wastewater

(2) to purify aqueous metallic streams by
removing any impurities

SELectal helps the customer obtain a pure and valuable metallic resource from complex aqueous effluents which otherwise remain unexploited

perks of using selectal

selectal is a group of patented polymers, but can be produced cheaply

selectal is Tunable for specific metal recovery

Selectal is green. materials are 100% recyclable & reusable

Selectal process is Based only on mixing, flocculation & filtration

selectal Works for dirty streams (High salinity and organic content) with dilute target metals

selectal applications

Nickel Mining & refining

Nickel is an essential element in the production of all quality steels and alloys, but also a main component of Lithium-ion batteries, and is widely used in electroplating, casting and other specialized applications

What we do:

Purification of nickel concentrates during refining by selective removal of metallic impurities

Silver Mining &  refining

Silver refining is a significantly growing industry, due to industrial demand for silver as a conducting material in microelectronics and solar panels

What we do:

Purification of silver concentrates during refining by selective removal of metallic impurities

Palladium recovery

Palladium is a rare metal. More than half the supply of palladium is used in catalytic converters. Palladium is also used in electronics, dentistry, medicine, hydrogen purification, chemical applications, groundwater treatment, and jewelry.

What we do:

Recovery of trace amounts of Palladium from industrial waste streams

Other applications

in theory, selectal can be used to selectively recover any metal

The targeted recovery of valuable metals can turn effluent treatment plants into ‘resource factories