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Current technologies for metal removal are either non-selective  or slow, complex and expensive

SELECTAL is fast, selective and inexpensive

SELECTAL is As selective as the much more expensive ion exchange resins

SELECTAL is AS easy to use and cheap as the unselective chemical precipitation methods

SELECTAL is usable At metal concentrations where the only other viable technique is hazardous and environmentally harmful solvent extraction

how it works:
SELECTAL process

waste, process or mining stream 

the functionalized polymer is mixed with the untreated stream containing the target metal

metal loaded polymer flocculated and separated from the stream using  filtration 

clean water to discharge / further processing

pH adjustment to leach out metal salts from Selectal solid

the original functionalizeD polymer and surfactant can simply be recycled and reused 

Filter out dissolved metal salts from Selectal solid

Pure metal salts for refining / recycling

how it works:
selective metal loading and flocculation

Copper recovery

(1) selECTAL added to selectively         complex with copper

(2) flocculation
(3) settling and removal of
     copper loaded polymer 
(4) iron remains in copper-free

         other technologies

Concentration Range
0.001-100 g/L
Fast, Selective, Inexpensive, and Green
Electrochemical Reduction
0.1-100 g/L
Not the most selective but cheap and clean. Not energy efficient at low concentrations
Ion Exchange
0.001-1 g/L
Selective but only effective at low or trace metal concentrations. Slow processing rates
Solvent Exctraction
1-100 g/L
Selective but requires complex equipment and flammable/toxic solvents
Salt formation and Chemical Reduction
0.1-100 g/L
cheap, easy to operate but not selective