Why Selectalâ„¢

Selectal, our commercial and proprietary technology, selectively separates metals from solution. It helps customers purify valuable metals from complex effluents that would otherwise be discharged to the environment.

Selectal is fast, selective, and inexpensive

Selectal is as selective as expensive ion exchange resins

Selectal is as easy to use as unselective chemical precipitation methods

Selectal is economic at metal concentrations where the only other viable technique is complex solvent extraction

The Selectalâ„¢ Process

Waste, process or mining leachate stream

Add Selectal to collect target metal

Precipitate & filter

Recover metal from and reuse Selectal

What problems we solve

30,000 tons of precious metals lost annually

  • $10bn lost annually in e-waste alone
  • High CO2 footprint 25+ tons CO2 / kg PGM mined

Limited Supply

  • Monopolized supply chains (REE, Ga, PGMs etc.)
  • 2x-10x metal demand forecast by 2030


  • Millions spent on waste water treatment annually

Our Solution

Enabling metal recovery from waste

Operation at commercial scale: Treating up to 4000L of waste per week recovering 4kg of homogeneous Pd-catalyst

Single-step selective recovery

High recoveries (98+%) and high purities (98+%) of critical metals from waste

Circular economy

Making waste water treatment profitable

Prevention of toxic metals entering environment