Purifying metals and water
from industrial waste.

We help mining, refining and industrial companies to achieve their ESG goals by turning their wastewater into a highly profitable and sustainable resource.

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About us

Seloxium provides materials and services for the selective recovery of valuable metals from industrial waste to mining, refining and recycling companies. Some metals, despite their value, are discharged as pollutants in waste streams due to the difficulty and cost associated with recovering them. Our offerings help companies reduce carbon emissions, energy consumption, and water contamination while increasing the purity and profitability of metal production.

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Selectal™ is Seloxium’s proprietary technology and commercially proven. It helps customers purify valuable metals from complex effluents that would otherwise be discharged to the environment.

The Selectal metal recovery process

Waste, process or mining leachate stream

Add Selectal to collect target metal

Precipitate & filter

Recover metal from and reuse Selectal


We have decades of cumulative technical experience in chemical engineering, water treatment, desalination, metal processing, and metal recovery. Our executive team is experienced in starting and running water treatment technology businesses, with a large network of potential customers and partners.

Meet the Team

Dr. Christian Peters

Director & CEO

Prof. Nick Hankins

Academic Founder, Director & CSO

Dr. Steve van Zutphen

CMO, Board Observer

Dr. Steve Colley

Director, CTO

Latest News

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Seloxium are hiring!

Seloxium has a supportive, friendly, innovative & informal atmosphere – where new people & ideas are always welcome!

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Seloxium receives Innovate UK grant to secure supply of Rare Earth Elements for UK magnets

Seloxium Ltd., the chemical engineering spin-out from the University of Oxford, has won a prestigious grant from IUK for its…

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Seloxium appoints mining expert Nelson Mora to its Board

Seloxium Ltd., the chemical engineering spin-out from the University of Oxford, is delighted to announce the appointment of Dr Nelson…

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